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About NastAg

Simple Relationship

As a first step, we include interested publicity professionals in our "list". Software programs are more complex than a simple list. There is no charge, we do not sign contracts, we do not ask for exclusivity. When a business is looking for an artist - a publicity professional, we suggest people from our list. In the simple relationship, we do not single out publicity professionals but the Nastazia Agency as a whole.

Recipe for Success

Success is a function of: 1) proper guidance 2) promotion and promotion. These have some cost. All or part of the cost can be covered by: a) us b) financiers c) publicity professionals. In the event that it is made by us or our own financiers, we consider the return on investment.

Special Relationship

We have a lot of flexibility in the way we work. If we see that a publicity professional is promising, we can discuss a contract and exclusive cooperation. Another alternative is to take over the management for a fee. And here there is flexibility in what we offer and what the reward will be. We may find sponsors and financiers.


There is currently no charge for any of the two parties, ie publicity professionals and companies requesting their services. In the future there will be a small commission on the remuneration of publicity professionals.


At this stage we are focusing mainly on the professions of the first column (models, dancers, musicians, actors, presenters) and with those of the second (photo / videographers, hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists) to the extent necessary to help those of the first. In the field of actors, we only have some specific activities. In the third category (writers, screenwriters, directors, visual artists, designers) we intend to expand in the future. However, if there is a case, we do not reject it.

Confidentiality - Public

The options for the pages are: a) public (obvious) b) confidential (hidden). Secrets need a password. At the moment we are giving a code (here) that opens some secret pages. Professionals have access to their own page. Names and personal information are confidential, unless professionals choose the opposite. Each professional has a four-digit code that is written above the photos.

Our Project

We also use publicity professionals in our own projects: advertisements, shows, photography, promotion events, events, movies, concerts, etc. When we say our own project, we mean what we have any participation, big or small.

Low prices - Free services

If there are no photos, audios, videos at a satisfactory level, we can offer at low prices. In the past we have offered for our own promotional purposes, at specific times, free services such as photography, videotaping, creating audio tracks, career advice, basic internet promotion. These have been abolished since 1/1/2020.

Photos - Audios - Videos

We do not require photos to include professionals in our list. But it goes without saying that without at least some photos it will be very difficult for us to find a job for professionals because almost all our customers ask for it. In addition, it is good to have audio and / or video. We use English in the names because we work with abroad. Each page has about 20 - 25 photos and the options are: 1 page, 1/2 page, 1/3 page, 1/4 page, 1/6 page, 1/8 page. Only the last three apply to confidentiality.

Points - Supply System

We apply a points system similar to Daedalus, one of the GReACTIV Networks. Professionals earn points if they bring other professionals or customers. Priority is given to those with the most points. In the case of customers, in addition to points, they can also earn a commission.

NastAg Fashion Shows

NastAg co-organizes fashion shows with people with extensive experience in the field. There is a wide range of participants ranging from small shops to well-known fashion houses. In addition to the shops, sponsors can also be advertised. The next show is already being prepared. Once we know the date and place we will announce them. 

NastAg Beauty Contest

NastAg co-organizes Beauty Contests with people with extensive experience in the field. The most important thing for the winners is the promotion and the opportunities it will create. At the same time we will have gifts. There is no charge for participants. Our goal is to highlight beautiful girls and boys "next door" and to have a boost in their careers in the field of modeling, communication, information, arts. All participating entities will have a view. Those who take part in the final will have a bigger promotion and the three winners will be even bigger. Only participation is valuable.

Requirements and Qualifications

We use the term publicity professionals but this employment can be a second job or a supplementary income. Few earn a lot and many earn a little. Those who earn a lot make it their main profession. Hereditary traits such as talent or appearance can be improved in a number of ways. A somewhat good look helps in several professions but there are many exceptions. In addition to appearance, there are other characteristics that are different for each profession. Qualifications are relative and depend on the requirements of each project. The requirements are different in a low budget movie than in an expensive production. Similarly, the requirements for a show in a Club are different from those on a catwalk. For promotion or event models, the requirements in terms of appearance are not as great as in the case of fashion shows. Spokesmodels for companies, organizations, organizations are usually closer in appearance to the average person and something similar happens in several ads. In an ad aimed at the elderly, it makes sense to star in the elderly. In other cases, models or actors with more weight may be preferred. Each project has special and distinct requirements. We will explain all this better to the professionals we will include in our list. We will say a lot more with those of us who have a special relationship. We leave the role of the judge and the choice to those interested in working with publicity professionals or the public. We want to give everyone the opportunity to try their luck. So we reject only a few cases that are very obvious and beyond any doubt that they do not have the required qualifications. We want to give opportunities, to promote and promote up-and-coming professionals who for various reasons have not been given the opportunity by the other promotion and promotion channels.

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